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Without a doubt, one of the biggest discomforts that the technology causes is the chaos and disorder of cables which are generated around our computer and working environment, especially when we use it for a lot of tasks, and is not only placing the basics of power, now we add more and more devices and peripherals required to enable certain equipment for working and social activities.

In addition, below desks we accumulate a sort of cable nest, which is not only unpleasant to the eye but also uncomfortable to the user, most of to those users that give importance to design and decoration, because it also makes the area under the desk almost impossible to clean. Since most of the users are becoming increasingly dependent on the use of many devices associated to their computer, cable management becomes a challenge that we must face sooner or later, or suffer the consequences.



Eliminating cables 100% is impossible, however trying to reduce them… is not, this can include hiding them in an optimal manner and leaving more space to work, both above and below the desk, under this concept of a clean and free space we designed KIOS ®, where efficiency and simplicity are imperative, without forgetting the elegance in design, focusing in making workspaces where you can integrate members of a team in the same place with elements that provide privacy, organization and convenience to the user, as well as a visual noise-free environment.

Main advantages


  • Fits easily into tight spaces

DSC_0479 DSC_0482

  • Clean and free from cables, leaving more space on the working area.

DSC_0483 DSC_0491

  • It has a system tray located below work surface designed to hide the wiring for power, voice and data to keep the space below free and clean.


  • You can add storage elements to create privacy in a collaborative environment.
  • Work stations can be customized, while keeping the corporate image

mobiliario oficina

  • Adaptive to technology
  • Elegant, modern, and flexible

vista 7a



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