Ideal colors for your workspace

There are two groups of colors: stimulating and soothing.

Stimulating colors are a warm range of red, orange and yellow tones; soothing colors are a cold range of blue and green tones. In the middle, we have violet tone, related to quests, mystery and dreams.


Colors influence the mood of people, and can either help or hamper activities, based on the selection.  This should be taken in consideration when trying to create a harmonious environment, try combining them according to each person’s activity and avoiding harsh contrasts such as black and white. We offer some examples of the emotions that produce some of these colors so you can choose when you’re decorating your office.



This color is mostly related with passion and brings out a lot of energy, which makes it ideal to decorate work spaces, also it symbolizes our love for what we do and can recharge our batteries for a great work day. Putting small amounts of red tones in the office, such as panting a wall or buying a red accessory of this color, can help you create an energetic environment.

It’s a combination that fulfills with energy and life in the office.      



We all know that colors can change our mood. This color should never be overlooked since it has strong and diverse effects in decoration process when its used. Orange is a fusion of energy and joy. Introducing orange color into the office decoration brings positive effects. This color will make us more active and even call us for action, as well as making us more social and creative than what we are. Different shades can transform the office actual design in an incredible way because it also stimulates our mental activity.

Quality space that it’s cozy and excited.



Any business that uses yellow or bright shades can create a sensation of happiness between employees that could be bored or unhappy in the office. Physiologically, this color increases the self-steam because it associates with optimism. It’s recommended to use this type of color wisely on wall or panels to emphasize them or in the decoration and furniture.

Stimulates creativity and emphasizes prospection and reflection.



Blue is the perfect color to decorate an office, also it’s a color with a fabulous look.  This color has a property that transmits interior harmony and at the same time it energizes to continue through the day. Blue absorbs negative energy therefore it creates a much favorable and light environment, but in addition blue has the capability to create a balance between furniture and accessories of the interior decoration. Blue is deep and can be related with loyalty and trust.  This color purifies inducing calm, serenity and reflection, and at the same time it releases stress. Adding blue to the office decoration will bring lots of positive and productive effects on you every day job.  These are the reason on why having blue as part of the office decoration will be a good decorative solution.

Blue represents, the truth, intellect, stability and loyalty.



This color is normally found in our mother nature; therefore, it be relaxing in a stressful working space.  If you are looking for fresh ideas, should consider painting your office in green or adding plants or vinyl that resembles nature. Green is a color that stimulates creativity and it helps to concentrate. That’s the reason why having green or similar shades can have a positive effect.

Green is a symbol of security, peace, growth and health.



Purple is perfect for someone that is looking to stimulate creativity and imagination. The dark shades of purple are very elegant. Purple and different shades such as violet, eggplant and lavender create an elegant atmosphere full of energy, that’s why it’s a great option to decorate offices, kitchens and spaces where they different activities need a lot of creativity and imagination, purple is a color that makes great harmony with furniture made of wood and metal.

Purple is spiritual, mystical, it’s a color of thinking, meditation, serenity and reflection. 


Regardless of what tone you choose for your office, you must be careful in creating too much contrast between the bright walls and dark colors of the decoration or furniture.

If you have any questions or doubts about which one best fits your needs, contact us and we can assist you in designing the best space according to your needs.

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