Office Furniture – Colaborative Spaces

The offices with open spaces create a friendly social atmosphere among employees, improving communication, learning and increases job satisfaction. Also easy adaptable to unforeseen changes in the organization in a more quick and flexible manner.

KIOS ® is designed under the concepts of efficiency and simplicity without forgetting the elegance in design, or goal is creating work spaces or the idea is to integrate members of a team in a same place, with elements that provide privacy.


Having as a concept: multifunctional tables, desks, screens and storage units that combine to create effective solutions in work areas.

Storage (low, medium or high) can define spaces and provides storage; overhead storage can vary according to user needs and can be open, partial or full enclosure as well as individual or shared units



Elegant, modern, flexible and lightweight. KIOS® is a complete of benching system
designed to answer present needs in workspaces.

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