A true diference

TASK ® is a simple but versatile panel system that allows a wide range of planning applications such as conventional cubicles to semi-supported workstations and floor to ceiling private offices.  Attractive but affordable, TASK ® also  provides  diversified scenarios for any desired level of aesthetics and price, from monolithic to semi-segmented and segmented look styles as well as a modular power system functional for today's  technological demands.
Easy to specify, fast to install and simple to reconfigure; without any doubt, TASK ® represents an innovative business tool that serves and solves the needs of people in working environments, from starting companies to growing corporations.

Constant Evolution

Even businesses are becoming more reliant on technology, actual technology requirements vary greatly among companies and their internal functions; as a cost-effective, functional and aesthetical solution to this fact, TASK ® offers an 6-inch wide vertical wire way. With a removable panel insert, this vertical wire way routes cables internally from the base way to worksurface level without external cable management. Can be installed exclusively where needed and just one or both sides can be powered.

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