Unlimited Solutions

TEAM ® allows the workstation to be freely planned, since it offers the straightforward formality of a square layout, the flow of a 120° layout, or creative unusual mixed effects. Worksurfaces can be arranged in an infinite number of ways, from individual or team work, to large common table versions for meetings and conference. There are also light walls dividers, tool tiles, screen dividers and modesty panels  in several dimensions  and materials to create half-open spaces, closed spaces or corner shells to plan for individual work and privacy or light walls that separate without dividing, delimiting spaces and generating design patterns.

Practical Applications

The flexibility offered by TEAM ® allows easy arrangement of functional spaces and even easier rearrangement of space whenever required. These are the principal requirements of interior designers. Architects, on the other hand, are presented with an opportunity for creative and original work that emphasizes their individual style and the unique characteristics of each project. 

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